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Smash and Grab Raid on Search Reveals Why Big Tech Ban on Apk Mining is OUTDATED - MIB Coin

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 21 Aug 2020

I do apologise for the long winded main headline - however it does exactly describe, very accurately why I feel Google via Google Play have fallen very much behind on how Cryptocurrency Mining in the traditional sense like you would do with a miniature version of the Shangai skyline in mining rigs sat in your living room, office or giant offshore floating fortress... and the adapted technology via device applications and mobile operating systems that can now - in no short sense of the imagination - work very well on modern smartphones without hurting the smartphone battery too much - the correct uses of these new mining applications such as the one I have been using on several old and new devices - I can tell you even the old cellphones are coping will with what is basically a mining rig scaled down into something a sh*t ton smaller... 

Google you are simply lagging behind... No longer, as is proved by this Coin Miner, will the resources of a Mining Apk (Android) destroy your cellphone battery or chip. 

What I am about to introduce to you if you have not already swiped it off the download shelf at some obscure Webpage accidentally found... Like me *grin*... Yes, what I about to introduce is completely free to download and use.

MIB Coin which is Erc20 and using the SmartX Blockchain Platform, have now pretty much tweeked to perfection, a mobile version of a traditional Cryptocurrency Mine and Wallet, that has been designed to run on Android, Apple, Windows and Mac. 


MIB Mine in action. Android

This is not some shady government Extraterrestrial Agengy... MIB actually is known as Mobile Integrated Blockchain - The MIB tools and various project either in full development or beta are numerous from Auto-Syncing Wallet and User Account, a Mining App with mining pools already set up - just click and connect... To exchange and trade and management software in the free Pro version for those feeling a bit more Techie. 

MIB Miner Load Screen Android

I was looking for the catch... There is none that I have seen. Once you have installed the MIB Coin Mining Application or software - and set up the association wallet and exchange with the running program. (Important if you want to run smoothly.) 

The guides on installing and setting up are simple... In fact so simple I am going to recommend any newbies wanting to try out mining traditionally in as simple a way possible, to try this application... Especially on your mobile device. 

To my surprise, I have not seen a device limit. Even more surprisingly the MIB Development Team even recommend uploading their beta versions onto old devices you no longer use to test the software, and mine MIB Coin. 


MIB Wallet Load Screen Android

Here is the 'deal maker'... It's not that MIB Mining App is free, super easy to install and use, uses little power... Payments are automatically sent in various time intervals from the pool you are mining with, directly to your MIB Wallet. Multiple times daily... As you would traditionally when doing a spot of 'solving'. 

Guys and girls... and robots... I was pleasantly surprised that just half an hour of just messing around figuring it all out, had already seen mined coins sent to my MIB Wallet, albeit particles of dust... The value was around $0.01 USD in total mining at a super low speed of 110 k/hz... But not bad on a cellphone CPU and low hash speeds, for 30 to 40-minutes of messing around without much effort. 

You better believe I have been digging out every old android and apple device, laptop and pc tower I have lay around, and started to install. 

I'm not going to get carried away... But I have a good feeling about a relative newcomer who's MIB Coin is trading at around $0.003 as of mid-September 2020. This has been steady, but with new Dapps on the way, this will change. 

MIB Coin is tradeable and exchangeable on the ProBit Exchange - which to some who do not wish to just Hodl, will find handy. 

Your link to said goodies is below... I am earning nothing from MIB Coin or their associates by referring anybody - except a general feeling of having done good for the day. There is a link to ProBit Exchange to trade or exchange your MIB if you so wish via my invite link below this article. In fact you will need to Probit as it is currently the only exchange listing the token. 

However, I appreciate any donations if you like this article... So here is a present in return for any kindness you bestow upon myself - You can donate a small amount of Syscoin to my Syscoin Wallet Address found below... You can do this without spending any Cryptocurrency of your own by entering my Syscoin Address into the Proof of Work (PoW) Airdrop website, and allowing it to run for a few moments after which a 0.001 donation will be sent to my Wallet - link also found below.

You may find the Airdrop handy for yourself if you have your own SYS address *wink* any funds will be recieved with many thanks. You can of course use this PoW as many times as you want in a 24-hour period, provided you allow for on average 7-minutes to elapse. 

Syscoin PoW Airdrop


Donate or not... Enjoy the MIB Coin Mobile Mining App... It really is genius. 

See all the downloads for Android, Apple, Mac and Windows at the following link. 

MIB Coin Mobile Mining App

Probit App


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