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Pi Token: The Four-Year Journey to Build a Blockchain

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 27 Apr 2023

Pi Token: The Four-Year Journey to Build a Blockchain - There is a lot to get through from possible data scam accusations and skeptism about shady algorithms... to things you may not know and the possible huge impact potential for cryptocurrency if and when Pi Token is released to full Mainnet.

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Pi Token is a relatively new entrant to the world of cryptocurrency, having been founded in 2019. It promises to be the world's first digital currency that can be mined on a mobile phone, without compromising the resources of the device.

Developing a blockchain from scratch is a time-consuming process and requires extensive technical expertise. Pi Token has been in development for more than four years, and the question on everyone's mind is whether it was worth the wait.

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Is Pi Token a Scam?

This really is a you decide moment, I am on the fence and already passed KYC during the first round - Pi Token has been accused of being a "data collection scam" and a "data gathering tool" for Stanford University, also accusations of possible Socialist and Big Tech funders being a little uncouth with Pi data. There have been concerns that the data generated by Pi Token is being used to build sophisticated algorithms that can predict consumer behavior... but which mainstream website or service online, does not market the shoes off your feet in 2023?

I must point out that Stanford University has denied these allegations, but the skepticism persists. Critics point out that Stanford has a history of close ties to China, and that there is a possibility that Chinese socialist infiltration and indoctrination may have influenced the development of Pi Token.

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Stanford University has a well-known far-left ideology, which some believe may have influenced the development of Pi Token.

Broken Promises

Pi Token has been slow to fulfill its promises, which has led to frustration among investors. There have been numerous occasions when the release date of the Pi Token blockchain has been postponed, creating a sense of unease among investors.

The constant delays have led many to believe that Pi Token is facing technical problems or that the development team lacks the expertise to complete the project.

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The Timeframe for Developing a Blockchain

Developing a blockchain is a complex process that involves a lot of time and energy. On average, it takes between two and five years to develop a blockchain from scratch.

Pi Token has been in development for more than four years, which puts it within the average range. However, the delays and broken promises have led investors to question whether the project is worth their time and money.

A Positive Outlook for Pi Token

Despite the concerns and criticisms surrounding Pi Token, there is reason to be optimistic about its future. The team behind Pi Token is made up of experienced professionals with a strong track record in their respective fields.


The technology that underpins Pi Token is also impressive. The hybrid consensus algorithm that it uses is designed to be energy-efficient and resilient, which puts Pi Token ahead of many other cryptocurrencies that rely on more energy-intensive Proof of Work algorithms.

Pi Token has a large and engaged community of millions of active users and miners via the app, which are good signs for any cryptocurrency. Pi Token is already being used to make purchases on some e-commerce platforms, which is a promising sign for its adoption... yes really!

A Long Journey

Without a shadow of doubt what has so far been achieved is remarkable, the size of the Pi community is testament to that - Pi Token's journey to build a blockchain has been a long and difficult one. There have indeed been concerns about its status as a data collection tool for Stanford University, as well as major concerns about the delay in the release of the Pi Token blockchain.

These concerns should not overshadow the potential that Pi Token possesses. The technology that drives Pi Token is innovative and may have the potential to disrupt the existing cryptocurrency landscape. The strong community of users and the adoption of Pi Token for e-commerce transactions are also good signs for its future success.

As with all cryptocurrency investments, there is the potential for risk, and investors should always do their own research before making any investment. Proof is in the large amount of quality developments via Pi Devs and the community, there is reason to remain optimistic about the future of Pi Token and the role that it may play in the future of cryptocurrency... let's face it... if Pi Token and the project are a huge scam, it would go down in Internet history as a Whopper!

If you feel like little dip and a spot of time risk... Serious Pi Miners are required - you can join via my invite link below.

Join Pi Token Network - Download the application for Android here. Please use my Pi Network username XTRM 


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