One Sure Way Newbies To Crypto Can Start To Earn And Trade Without Cash

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 15 Apr 2021

I have spent a number of years in the world of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum and BitcoinCash being my primary choices. My obvious goals with these three cryptocurrencies, are to firstly acquire as much as I possibly can, save (hodl) as much as I can - and trade... I would say as much as I can, win some, lose some, but the method of earning I am about to type about should ultimately have your bars ticking nicely along in at least one good 'Futures' trade on a particular Exchange... Free to the point of Exchange Fees and and Commissions at the end of any Trades you participate in. 


To begin with, if you are going to follow the steps I am about to talk about, I must firstly warn you that Trading on Exchanges comes with a lot of risk, albeit a lot of excitement and profit can be achieved if you keep your eye on the ball, stay focused and ready for any eventuality, and are genuinely ready to step up to a potentially profitable past time. I am in no way promising you riches overnight, and nor am I some whizz-kid at Trading. My advice is as with any you might take, there as a good option should you honestly want to attempt to have a pop at Trading for the first time, without any of your own financial outlay - you may win, you may lose... It is part of the adrenalin and CPU fueled Crypto World you are stepping into.

Step One - Cryptocurrency Exchange Facility and Wallet

The only exchange I use currently is one that houses a great amount of loyalty benefits, a fantastic easy to use Exchange and Trading platform, Free Crypto, video tutorials, great customer support and community, Interest on Cryptocurrency saved in your Wallet fully insured by the Exchange, and so much more... Oh and you get a Sign Up Bonus also, currently at time of typing this... USD$3.00 in Tether.


I said Free Crypto? Yes I did... This Exchange offers a FREE Cloud Mine that will mine Bitcoin and pay out to your Wallet in Tether once you reach USD$10.00 (currently). You can mine more if you wish before you hit the withdraw tab. I often mine more... I started off the process mining USD$40.00 - it took around one month. The more you trade, rewards build that speed mining up..

This free Tether via the Cloud Mine I took into a 'Futures' trade along with other crypto I had amassed in the month in the exchange wallet. However I tend to just save Tether to use on the Exchange/Trades, the rest I hodl for the interest... May be the occasional cheap exchange *wink*

IMPORTANT - You MUST return to the Cloud Mine EVERY 4-hours to restart the Mine. 

The Futures Trade and my first choice since Tether is being used, is BTC/USDT. I advice you watch a tutorial video if you want to get into how this works, it not too complicated although reading graphs and how trades work is not easy for some - the tutorials are a great tool.

StormGain can ultimately be where you should start to see some profits if you do things correctly - which is where I will leave you in the capable hands of StormGain to help you. Greens are always better than reds...

You can join StormGain here at my invite link as this is where I am diverting you to with the Crypto you earn in the next step (2). 

Step Two - Earning Free Crypto To Help Finance Exchanges and Trades

Never look a Gift Horse in the mouth... Any Free Crypto is great crypto... I say free, free usually comes at a price in the Crypto World - however the price is usually just performing a few tasks, or just claiming small 'dust' amounts... Mainly via faucets and Airdrops.

During my start in Cryptocurrency it was all about mining, I can tell you now, unless you have an expensive rig or pay for professional Cloud Mining Services - Faucet and Airdrops earn you just as much if not more than mining with a very basic mining rig (Staking and Farming along the line when you are more experienced) will be the places you find crypto... I choose BitcoinCash at any faucets I use where the cryptocurrency is  either directly available to trade freely or cheaply (you can exchange with a minimum amount at StormGain eventually).


It is from these faucets I fund StormGain with BitcoinCash... The list of faucets I use can be found at the bottom of this page. I use StormGain in any case to store BitcoinCash from other avenues, so I am able to use the dust from faucets to help fund trades via exchange to Tether at StormGain - and it cost me nothing to earn, maybe just a bit of time.

If you are genuine... The above should help guide you as part of your quest into the complex world of Cryptocurrency and Trading. People often jump in expecting overnight riches... Unless you get super luck, this is not going to happen. Trial and error brought me to earning some great passive income, and I now more or less fund my life via my Cryptocurrency income. 

Step Three - Your Promise To Yourself 

Spend time at this... Make a promise to yourself that you are not going to just jump in, think "urghh I am getting nothing" and run - Over the years and recent months I have watched crypto and the value of some cryptocurrencies grow quickly, those small amounts tend to grow in value and build nicely. StormGain pay interest on stored funds... More handy income. Just don't expect a quick journey and you will be good to get going in the Crypto World. However always know your limit, you can always build back losses you earned for free, but not those you work hard for. 

My advice build your accounts up before trading... You need the levarage, explained nicely in the StormGain video tutorials. 

Good luck... The Faucets and services I use to this day are found below... Build up your accounts at these places - you should start seeing dome good results over the next few months. YOU DO NOT have to spend any of your own cash. 

My main sponsor StormGain have a great welcome package for you. See the invite link below and grab $3.00 in USDT. Generous bonus structure. 

Join StormGain - Wallet - Free Cloud Mine - Fun way to trade and invest with many perks and tools to start your trading journey - Webapp and Mobile App - One of the most trusted Exchanges on the planet. In App Video Tutorials and statistics... Wallets. BTC, LTC, Tether, DASH and more. 

*** More Useful Invite Links ***

Join Speed Satoshi via my invite link below. Use just the one login for all faucets... 

Your link to Speed Satoshi


Express Crypto - New Interface, Multi crypto faucet, tasks, games, chat, support - huge community - massive crypto and faucet inventory and micro wallet. One of, if not the best and longest running crypto earner - In house exchange and quick withdrawals - Build your own faucets and link - Click here to join

Also two great long running faucets can be found at links below... 

Faucet Crypto - Multi Cryptocurrency Faucet - Tasks and Daily Bonus structure chat and support. Low withdrawal threshold - Click here to join.

Free Bitcoin - #1 and Old Faithful, Iive this place. .. One of the oldest running free Bitcoin faucets. Plenty on offer, from generous bonuses, fair games, betting, FUN Token VIP Bonuses and much more - Click here to join

Bee Coin Early Entry Mining App

Like Pi Network - Get in early and start mining BEE before it trades on exchanges. 10-million already joined - use xtrm as your code to download and use the app. 

Join BEE here - BEE Cloud Mining App.


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