GramFree - Paid Smart Contract Signing, Based on TON - The Jury is Out (Pt1)
Smart Contract Signing GramFree

GramFree - Paid Smart Contract Signing, Based on TON - The Jury is Out (Pt1)

As I trawl the Internet for the lastest, or even some of the more old school method of earning a little extra Crypto... I stumbled as much as you could stumble typing on a keyboard, into a venture with the name of GramFree aka or

In GramFree own words: 'The Gram blockchain platform is expected to be millions of transactions per second. According to the developers, Gram should become a crypto-analog of Visa and Mastercard.' 

In front of me on the screen was a lovely splash of purple color, presenting GramFree - with its own Cryptocurrency named Gram, based on TON by Telegram. They promise new way of earning Crypto via Smart Contract Signing, watching 5 YouTube videos created by who I am assuming are very real members of GramFree, Rolling to Win Gram, a lottery and the all familiar referral scheme. For this you are awarded an amount of Gram Tokens, each with a value of between $1.80 up to $2.15.

So what is the bounty at the end of what is seemingly an easy enough earning resource to master? 

The current minimum for withdrawal is 500.0 Gram - this on average equates to a minimum payout of just over $1000... Taking into account the various method of obtaining Gram via the GramFree website this could easily be achieved in days, but could take a couple of months before the minimum reached. But for the minimum effort and no investment other than a few minutes during the day, what heck... Jump in!

You could call it a little narcissistic of GramFree - in the paid videos you will find several videos daily, of members presenting vlogs on how great GramFree is, how the website and employment are legit and not a scam... (Red Flag) and a few showing how they got paid out to various Bitcoin Wallets, Payeer and so on.

On the subject of these vlogs... I have yet to see anyone American or English, maybe not even European or Russian create a vlog about GramFree - African or Asian members seem to be the general theme. I do not know whether the platform has been originally directed to these locations and is now spreading West - I have not dug that far into the politics of it all yet. 

These reviews come with attached comments at YouTube so I thought it would be fun to go and have a poke around. Who else reading this goes to watch a video and pops straight into the comments? 

To my horror I find several posts on most of these videos pertaining to GramFree being a scam, that Asian members had not been paid out, that payments had been pending for months. 

But GramFree is Legit, all these members are saying so and there are vlogs with proof of payment. Maybe they are fake vlogs? I question to myself... Maybe the comments are from members who got banned due to breaking GramFree rules. More to the point should I continue to put so few minutes of my day into GramFree? 

This is where I bring out the Jury... I have a need to know myself if GramFree is a legit source of income paid to your Bitcoin Wallet, on time without problems.

So decided... I am testing the website... Already I have questions, a big no-no for me is the lack of support... Apparently there are too many questions. 

This could end up with a few parts to type out..

Your input is welcomed in the comments if you have had experience at GramFree. 


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Earn Crypto Online - Legit, Tried, Tested & Paid
Earn Crypto Online - Legit, Tried, Tested & Paid

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