Endless Captcha - Irritating For User Experience

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 15 Nov 2020

What I am going to harp on about in this article is on behalf of all us website users that are mentally affected by the very mention of the word 'Captcha' and the one major bug bear that is being experienced by users who are browsing or using websites that use the said Captcha method of protecting a website from bots... It shouldn't take long to get my point across - this goes out to admins and developers who may be using or thinking about captcha.

ReCaptcha is becoming a real pain in the backside - it has been like this for as long as I have known sites to use Captcha or ReCaptcha - even Rain Captcha and H-Captcha are catching up on crapness and effectiveness of these bot protection scripts. I am talking the endless loop when one actually gets the puzzle correct, then off the Captcha goes into crazy fits of 'try again'.

Endless Captcha

Captcha has a tendency to take a moment to complete in normal circumstances, this drains the user experience from the off - but when Captcha goes full loop it can mean log out log in, or close site reopen... I have often not bothered to go back to websites that use captcha entirely for this reason... I mean it can get really bad at faucets... I am sick of the Moon Faucets flipping a Captcha at me three or four times before making a crypto claim... Before even being able to solve the picture puzzle or word puzzle. 

Fair enough... Word Captcha is not as bad, but can go loop on occasion - but not all Devs are using the method of Captcha in which a user can switch from words to pictures. 

Pipeflare Faucet seems to have the answer... The captcha used is the type which the user slides a part of a picture onto the Pipeflare Logo... Easy as Pie!

Devs and Admins take note... Captcha has had its day... Stop pi**Ing off your users and use a different method of bot protection... As I said Captcha is dead and until Captcha have resolved the issue... Which they have not in the years it has been around the Interwebs - just add the slide puzzle... Simple.

I am not going to promote a Bot Protector that I am not being paid for (lol), you guys know exactly what I am talking about.


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