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Best of 2023: TipNano Android App Passed The Excellence Test

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 7 Mar 2023

Best of 2023: TipNano Android App Passed The Excellence Test - For around four years [2019] TipNano have provided one of the fairest crytocurrency earning facilities on the Internet.

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Any business that has survived for four years in the Cryptocurrency World, has to be doing something right... and given crypto has taken some serious punches in recent years, a level of admiration can be thrown in the direction of any crypto earning facilities - such as within the Faucet Community - that have come through some challenging times.

TipNano Balance Example

TipNano have been extremely consistent... so much so that after a couple of years testing the earning capabilities of TipNano in my empire of test accounts at a great many Faucets... I decided to quit the test account and start to build a serious membership account... so I jumped back in,  giving me an opportunity to see how quick I can rebuild an account at TipNano.

It has not taken long, and without any affiliate earnings or promoting, a few months later I have rebuilt quite a respectable amount of bonus levels, and more importantly earned a little crypto along the way... very much part-time as you can appreciate with so many cryptocurrency services to test and investigate out there.

TipNano Dashboard

From earning just watching three video adverts at different intervals during a 24-hour period, faucet claims, to the usual earning opportunities via surveys and offers... there are plenty of opportunities to earn some extra crypto.

As with most Faucets earnings are not going to have you drop your regular job, but TipNano do actually have a very fair earning system, offering points in the form of 'Nautrino' that can be converted to NANO or Bitcoin - the minimum for withdrawal is very low... Tip: TheorumReach and CPX (wink)

TipNano Bonus Stack

Faucet claims are every few hours, the more you claim from the Faucet, and earn through the many opportunities, the more your levels accumulate and increases your Faucet Bonuses found in your 'Stack' - which also build nicely and can be claimed in Nautrino in full or part to your balance... hodling your Nautrino and building your bonus level will soon show you the benefit to not claiming from your bonus total... also incurs more bonuses.

TipNano are even helping to plant trees by a a non-profit organisation named One Tree Planted... with your help it is hoped thousands of trees can be planted.

One Tree Planted

The design of the app is extremely well put together, graphically easy on the eye, easy to use, full of stats and even incorporates a huge leaderboard with more bonuses - I can't fault TipNano...

Download TipNano here.

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