Bee Network Cryptocurrency Is Listed? BEE or Bee Coin?

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 6 Feb 2021

Some rumours are circling that the Bee might actually be a secret Bitcoin development... Time will tell - A project similar to that of the now famous Pi Network Token - another community based mobile crypto token with over 10-million users - Bee Network and the community mined, decentralised mobile Cryptocurrency Token, BEE, is hot on the heals of Pi and Bitcoin in size of user base and popularity.

Bee Devs announced recently that Bee’s community reached 3-million users worldwide in an 'extraordinary' 53-days between December 3rd, 2020 and January 25th, 2021. 

Thanks to a timely reminder from PublishOx Author 'The Unknown'... I have now completed the first stages of earning BEE via the Mobile App download at both PlayStore for Android and Apple. 


The Bee Network Official Website is the hive of information that you need in order to buff up in the BEE token and how to mine the Cryptocurrency via your mobile device without any intrusion to device CPU or battery life. 

I like Pi Network Token don't get me wrong however it is slipping behind in the pre-listing stakes and development speed to the Bee Network Token dev team and community - (IMPORTANT) - however these tokens should not be mistaken for the already established Bee Coin who are already listed on exchanges currently at around $0.01... But it is still is not too late to get on board and start earning in a huge project with potential, and then developing your own security network like at Pi.

To save confusion the website for Bee Coin if visited will introduce a much different team - Full details of which can be found at CoinGecko (Surprisingly a hidden little gem). 

(Above Image: If only - Not our BEE *wink*) 

All you need to do is visit either the Android or Apple download links below to grab the Bee Application plus a 1.0 $BEE  token gift via my user invite... xtrm

You are rewarded depending on your commitment to being a regular visitor to the application and keeping the mine running once per day. Security Teams are in development but will present as they do at Pi... If you wish to also claim some Pi, follow this link and use my username XTRM as your invitation verification code.

Anyone with mobile phone and internet access can join in mining BEE Network Tokens upon referral. No huge computers or terabytes needed.


You will need to use my username via the invite link in order to verify you received a genuine invite and complete the download... Again my username is xtrm



Remember to use xtrm as your invite.

Listing Status: Too be announced. 

Bee Network Official

Pi Network Official

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