Authors That Get Account Restrictions At PublishOx - Solution

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 21 Apr 2021

After a recent stint of 24-hours in the Sin Bin at PublishOx due to, a possible, misunderstanding between PublishOx, The Comment Spam System, Reporting, who knows what and ultimate 'restrictions' placed on my Author Account, and total inability to sign in - A Solution need to be found, and prompt...


I have been an author here at PublishOx for some time, I know the rules, I also know that spamming comments and articles is a definite 'no no' at PublishOx, and it is frowned upon... However there is a huge difference between 'Comment Spam' and helping somebody who asks a question that the author of a said article may not know... Some links are presented by a reply that should be seen as helpful, may in fact be seen by the 'system' or even other commenters as a bit of spamming or may just have downright plain sabotage reporting in mind due to similar interests. It happens! 


It's a tough call for a moderator to make... This being said sometimes the 'Auto Spambot Security' may just latch onto something by accident.

A genuine author, especially those who have been here for a while, and the noobs... Need to know that 'Account Restrictions' are for sure NOT the end of the road. You should definitely, politely and with all evidence, approach the PublishOx Support Team... Of which you will be given the opportunity to do so when you attempt to 'Log In' during an 'Account Restriction', via link to PublishOx Support Email.


A polite explanation of the issue... Even an apology by yourself if you did slip up and present a spammy link without thinking, will actually go a long way - PublishOx Support and Moderators are very fair... They will listen and reinstate your account on genuine cases... Also 'Accidental Account Restrictions' can happen - Again rectified with a quick email. You should be back up and running in a few hours. 

In some cases on returning to your account having been given an 'Account Reinstatement' - your 'Author Publishing Account' may still be restricted - just pop an email back to PublishOx Support an ask if they can update the Author Account Status. Again this should be resolved within hours...


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