Algorithm Craziness That I do Not Understand

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 10 Dec 2020

A bit of a pet peeve of mine are the Algorithms... Especially at websites that offer Author employment such as here at PublishOx or YouTube. Not only do I find some Algorithms detrimental to growth of websites when not coded and written correctly, but I find that some Algorithms not only censor websites out of the Search Engines, but also begin to effect Author Content promoting and publishing  in rather a detrimental way also... Especially if that Algorithm is censoring words and holding content back from readership and views.

Here are a few words that when added to headlines seemingly does affect to an extent the publishing and status of content. It is not only here at PublishOx but Lbry and at Bitchute to name a few. 

My accused list of words... Just a few. 











And sometimes I have noticed company names causing a drop such as YouTube. 

These are just a few words that I have noticed which when added to a headline... Particularly my own without being pedantic about it... Just wondering how many others noticed this and if it can be addressed with honesty, candor and transparency as I did get a reply from Bitchute that they are willing to work on it.

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