Applescash Airdrop listed on Uniswap

By TrinityJc | Legit Airdrops Updated | 18 Sep 2020

💹 Applescash(AAPL) Airdrop - Spend 5 minutes to win 10 stakes and share 5000$ AAPL.

The AAPL Protocol is a DeFi game of chicken designed to shake out weak hands and yield the highest gains for those who understand the rules. The $AAPL token combines a simplified version of Ampleforth’s economic policy with YFI’s distribution mechanism.

💎 We will collect user information for the second time in the telegram group and these users will receive airdrops first.

$AAPL is listed on Now you can get it free by airdrop bot.

Use link below to participate 👇👇


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Legit Airdrops Updated
Legit Airdrops Updated

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