By Legend53 | Legend53 | 7 Sep 2020

Today's finale: On the nobility and innocence of white. Indeed, the color white: expresses peace, innocence and purity. From a garden I passed by by chance: I took the wonderful picture above. Photography is my hobby. I am a passion. Photo my hobby: it started at a very young age. And now this spirit continues as an amateur. Photography: freezing the moment is to transfer that moment to the future. Photo: to think. Photo: if it doesn't make you think: it's the picture And I haven't taken a picture in my life! I took a photo. In the photo, the quality, the pixel, is not important! The important thing is: what you say. It is what you are telling. Believe me, I will not change the photos I took for thousands of dollars. They are my children. Does man give up his children? Thank you very much for your time.

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Photo: Xiaomi mobil camera.

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I live in Istanbul. I am originally from Rize. My private hobbies: Cryptocurrencies, traveling, food, complementary medicine, fishing, driving. And I am writing for humanity as an amateur. (I'm never an expert)


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