By Legend53 | Legend53 | 2 Sep 2020

Turkish organic tea industry: Today is a must for the beverage industry that directly affects our health: I will write about tea. First of all, we are the family tea producer. The 1st step of the tea production, from its processing to its sale: the producer. Indeed, there are drinks that directly affect our health today. Our job is very difficult with this diet and drinks at an advanced age! Of course, we have a choice. Be selective. Be selective for your kids. The most important nutritional source, mineral source in nutrition: FISH (I have written this for a long time) Also in the beverage industry: TEA. 1-white tea: 2-green tea 3-black tea There are 3 types of tea. white tea: cancer potion, green tea: antioxidant potion. Black tea: my favorite with its soothing and protective properties. Again, the anti-aging effect is rumored. Since I am in the tea sector: When you see Turkish made tea in the markets, you can easily buy it. No chemicals or drugs are used in them. 100% natural. Another important detail: free from the harmful rays of ozone !! I strongly recommend that you consume 1 glass of black tea a day, 1 glass of green tea and white tea a week.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Garfish Soap (yummy)

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