By Legend53 | Legend53 | 29 Jan 2021

I wrote the DOGE topic in detail on my pages on PublishOx and Uptrennd platforms. Nothing in the world is accidental. 1.5 years ago, I decided to examine digital token values. And I worked day and night. And I am still working. ERC20 tokens are not invested in Coinbase. I have a great wallet too: I installed Binance. (I'm still using it) Don't make the following mistake here: Please DO NOT compare Coinbase with Binance. Very great platforms on both platforms. And I would say use both platforms without exception. Why; In Coinbase, you instantly trade coin pairs. And it has simplified the Coins. (besides short teasers and these introductions, you make money) Binance has everything! Especially ERC20 tokens. I wrote about Doge 15-20 days ago. The exit started with the news of Elon MUSK. I think the subject will continue for a while.

#important note: what is written is not investment advice. For investment, please seek professional help.

Thank you so much for your time.

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 "Sivas Kangal Dog-Turkey"




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I live in Istanbul. I am originally from Rize. My private hobbies: Cryptocurrencies, traveling, food, complementary medicine, fishing, driving. And I am writing for humanity as an amateur. (I'm never an expert)


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