It's Time To Watch LeftHouse

By LeftHouse | LeftHouse Films | 17 Apr 2020

It's Time To Watch LeftHouse


So you are on lock down, you have already watched all the reality tv there is, rewatched your favorite sporting events from a couple months ago, watched all the new blooper compilations you could find, and now it's time to watch the entire LeftHouse Films!


There are 8 feature films in the LeftHouse collection of films. Soon to be 9 as we are in the middle of post production on are newest film titled RabbitHole.

A Shot from RabbitHole

Over the next coming days and weeks, i will feature one of the LeftHouse Films. We also have a few short films, some never seen before by any, that we will also share with you.

The LeftHouse Film of the day is **SICK OF IT ALL**


**Sick of it All**, a black and white noir style comedy which speaks to the child in all of us. The dark comedy is at once a memorable adult fable about one's lost youth, while in essence paying respect to the wisdom contained within the mind of a child. At its core, Sick of it All, is a magical and surprising tale about the strangeness and troubles that face adulthood.

The film stars Logan Sparks, Chris Doubek, Amy Clare, Randy & Jason Sklar, and the late great legendary Harry Dean Stanton to name a few of the outstanding cast members to this special film.

Watch Sick Of It All free on Amazon Prime



For more information about Sick Of It All, visit the official website here:


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