Here's why EVERYONE is talking about EVERYTHING these days

By LeftFooted | LeftFooted's Antics | 25 Apr 2024

I remember, not that long ago, car magazines would only talk about cars. Sports newspapers would only talk about sports. And so on.

But that's changed.

These days, it seems like everyone's talking about everything. But there's a reason for that. Actually, two reasons.

The first reason is, the line between this and that, this topic and that topic, is growing thinner. And it's blurred.

Take cars. Back in the day, cars were cars, that's it. But then they became 'lifestyle', and 'luxury', and now 'tech'.

This is a place to talk about crypto. But crypto is... what? Crypto is crypto. But it is also finance, and tech. So if you talk about crypto, sometimes, it makes sense to talk about finance, or tech.

And if you talk about tech, it makes sense to talk about Solana, a crypto firm that also made a phone, or Sui, another crypto firm that also made a handheld device, but it also makes sense to talk about Apple, that was thinking about making a car.

They didn't. But they thought about it. And then Xiaomi, a smartphone maker, made a car. And Polestar, a car maker, made a phone.

See where I'm going with this?

It's inevitable.

Couple that with the other reason.

Let's not kid ourselves, these days YouTube channels, X accounts, Insta accounts, legacy media, everyone is a slave to the algorithm. They need to cover whatever the algorithm wants them to cover.

That's why. Because if you talk about stuff you don't necessarily care about, sometimes, that's where the funds to talk about stuff you actually care about comes from.

It's a bit of a permanent s**tshow. But it is what it is. No point fretting about it.

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