University of North Carolina Saves Confederate Monument by Privatizing it
Silent Sam Monument

University of North Carolina Saves Confederate Monument by Privatizing it

By LeftAntiPC | Left AntiSJW | 30 Nov 2019

The "Silent Sam" monument to Confederate soldiers at the University of North Carolina campus was a subject of controversy for years before being torn down by student protesters in 2018, causing minor damage. The statue was on UNC's Chapel Hill campus, their most prestigious. The monument was erected at an area described as "a place of honor" at "the University's front door" back in 1908 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Since then the statue was largely preserved, although it was held in an undisclosed location to protect it from protesters.


The toppled statue, with a black cloth draped over it. 

This week it was announced that UNC would be giving the monument to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who promised to protect the statue and move it to a new location. It's almost like they read the article I wrote last week where I suggested privatizing confederate monuments as a way to preserve them without using taxpayer money to support them! Read it here:

In all seriousness the conversation over who to give the statue to has been going on since long before I wrote that article. I am glad to see that idea put into practice regardless. As conditions of the statue's removal, the University has provided $2.5 million to relocate and maintain the statue, which honestly seems excessive to me. The statue must also not be erected in any of the 14 counties in North Carolina that has a UNC campus.

I understand the desire not to have it on any UNC campus, but it seems a little excessive not to even allow it in the same county as any of their 14 campuses. On the other hand, it may be best for the monument for it to be far away from major campuses, as students have been vandalizing the monuments. North Carolina has 100 counties, so it is not a very strict limitation.

This article is largely informed by this article:

Some context: In a poll conducted by Harper Polling: "70% of likely North Carolina voters disapproved of the toppling, 22% approved, and 9% were unsure or declined to answer. 39% said they favor removing Confederate monuments legally, and 50% were opposed".


Silent Sam


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