Publish0x Adds Ethereum Payout!

By LeftAntiPC | Left AntiSJW | 6 Aug 2020

Looking at my wallet today I noticed that we now have Ethereum as a currency! This is really exciting, and a great sign for the website!


I'm a big fan of this for a number of reasons. First, it is yet another well-known, valuable coin (along with BAT and DAI) that we can get. Second, it helps add to the legitimacy of this website. People will be more likely to give it a shot knowing they can get paid in such a well known, and widely traded, currency. Lastly, it is yet another way for Publish0x to get funds from advertisers. Most advertisers will probably be more comfortable and able to pay in Ethereum.

I'm looking forward there where this goes, and hoping I'll soon be able to add some Ethereum to my wallet. As a side-note, I currently have 98 followers, and I'm really looking forward to hitting 100!

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Left AntiSJW
Left AntiSJW

You don't have to be right-wing to see the harm that modern PC culture can cause.

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