On The Terrorist Attack in France

By LeftAntiPC | Left AntiSJW | 30 Oct 2020

As many of you all already know, a week or so ago a teacher was beheaded for insulting Islam in the eyes of some Muslims in France. Yesterday there were two other attacks, one on a Church that killed two people. The attackers all yelled "Allahu Akbar". I am now hearing rumors that there were even more attacks that were foiled today. This event is so recent that a lot of new information is coming out every hour, so this story is just based on what I could find as I was writing this article. Some of the information may change as we learn more. Here is a video with more information.

Here are my thoughts on what is going on:

This is a hate crime and anti-freedom of speech. The Christians in their church have a right to believe the way they do, and targeting them just based on religion is a hate crime. This needs to stop, and it's clear that stronger measures must be taken. I do not know what measures these may be, but I fear this conflict is only going to escalate more as time goes on. This is especially true as more information comes out and we learn more about who these attackers were and who they might have worked with.

Unfortunately, these attacks have been going on for a while, and do not seem likely to stop anytime soon. There is a group of people who just do not handle it well when people disagree with them or make fun of them. Taking offence is one thing, but taking lives is another.

I have no love for any sort of Conservative or Fundamentalist religious views, but this is an especially bad problem. I am not sure what the solution will be, but people are going to get very tired of this very quickly. It is hard for me to imagine that this will not lead to a massive backlash on a political, personal, and social level. I am sure it will even have international ramifications as citizens in other countries see what has been happening in France and begin to fear that they will end up having some of the same problems. Still, today my heart goes out to the French people.


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