Earn 158,893.59% Fixed APY with Libero - guaranteed Financial Freedom?

By KnightMare | LearningCrypto | 3 Mar 2022


Libero sounds too good to be true right? That's what I thought, but given the recent success with Titano, the initial auto-compounding and auto-staking token.

Libero peaked my interest, and given the APY, a $100 investment would be over a million in a year. I'm willing to take that risk!

And with the recent launch of xLibero, I am hooked and am seeing the benefits already.

I've held Libero for under 2 weeks and have experienced the magic of compounding already. Didn't expect it to go so fast!

There are a couple of aspects to Libero that they describe as:



The auto-compounding of Libero, at 2,02% per day, is a very interesting dynamics, as it provides some different strategies to benefit from it. The strategies depend on your own personal situation.

What Libero recommends as one strategy is:



My strategy is to hold Libero, transfer 15% (equivalent to holding Libero for 1 week) to xLibero. Using xLibero, I will receive BUSD and 1% Libero. That way I can slowly extract value, while also staying invested in Libero.


Like I said, if you have $100 or $10 lying around, try Libero out. It might provide you Financial Freedom!


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