Behind the Story of Cryptocurrency

By andrianlover | Learn from Contest | 12 Apr 2021

The ecosystem of etherium is expanding more rapidly and expanding than we can imagine. Since blockchain and cryptocurrency have become part of the global economy, now all systems are looking for ways to use blockchain for technology and cryptocurrencies as assets and transactions.

Even so, there are still many people who feel that cryptocurrency is illegal. The reason is speculation that is difficult to predict. Its that true? I do not think so. Since Satoshi Nakamoto became the one who changed the world and his name deserves to enter the list of 100 people capable of changing the world. Now everyone must be able to separate the problem between support for digital currencies and the political power that rejects the poor from becoming rich because of cryptocurrency.

The development of cryptocurrency cannot be stopped. Attempts to propagate cryptocurrency have only resulted in support. Do not be late. It's not good to be a passenger in the last carriage when everyone has a ticket from cryptocurrency. It hurts you. It is better for you to invest in cryptocurrency than to refuse with illogical reasons.

Dinasaurus became extinct because they resisted change and rejected the future.

The development of cryptocurrency cannot be rejected by a group of people who still use old books in studying economics. You see, an Elon Musk has entered the world of cryptocurrency. Step by step began to open the doors of the global economy. What about the other richest people? I don't know why I feel like they actually own coins without telling the world.

Has anyone rich said he saw no advantage? It's hard to believe, but I'm sure they have them to see how they can adopt or imitate certain coins. As such, they actually look, pay attention, test and research, then find solutions to maintain their position on the list of the richest people in the world.

Just imagine, are there any investors who put information about opportunities to increase profits on the coffee table? I don't think so. Investors are looking closely at and taking part in cryptocurrency. Not many though. Its goal is to find a way to calculate how to speculate on cryptocurrencies. So that they can strategize in adding assets. Maybe we need to see if the search listing on their search engine refuses to see news about cryptocurrency or not.


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