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By ntz | learn! & earn! | 9 Aug 2021

Today at Learn! & Earn! I want to introduce you to!

Earnathon is a relative new platform, launched early 2021, to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It's longterm goal is to reach 1 billion people by sharing knowledge. According to the roadmap, Earnathon is starting to accelerate it's development. It's native token ENA (Bep20) will be the ecossystems currency. This means everything will get paid and will be paid with ENA. The maximum supply will be 1 billion. The usecase of the token is obviously, in first case, the reward for learning about currencies and blockchain then staking, yield farming and governance. If you want to spread the word about your project, you can use the launchpad to do this. The listing will be paid in ENA too. The courses are built like on other platforms. You ether watch a video or read some text, then do a quiz.


Right now, there are two courses to do, sadly the rewards for those ended. But there are others waiting to be released, such as courses about Polkastarter, Polygon or Binance Smart Chain.


I like the concept of learn & earn and Earnathon very much. Knowledge is power in my eyes, and it's a win - win - win situation for everyone participating but one thing must be said, Earnathon does nothing special at this point. This might change in the future - if so I will keep you updated!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me, regards ntz :)


passiv income I use:
  • Honeygain           - sharing traffic (5$ signup bonus!)
  • Brave                    - secure, fast, private browser with crypto income
  • Presearch             - search engine with crypto income I use with Brave (25PRE bonus!)
other ways to gain crypto free:
  •            - post about everything and gain BCH
  •             - similar to
  • pipeflare faucet   - 24h faucet for ZEC, Doge and FLR
  • Torum                  - crypto social media platform with own currency
  •        - social platform, get paid for interacting
learn and earn:

remember im not a financial advisor

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i'm a cryp! lets learn things about crypto and finances! i'm greedy for everything about crypto-related stuff and want you to have a share of my experiences. feel free to follow and contact me about anything :)

learn! & earn!
learn! & earn!

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