Interesting emails of Satoshi Nakamoto during BTC development days!

Dear Friends,

The invention of Bitcoin made a revolution in the world's history and the starting point of block chain eco system.

At the initial stages of Bitcoin, without knowing the value of BTC then and would be in the future- I have studied that many have purchased even a bun/bread for a bitcoin.

Many have lamented that even though they knew about Bitcoin but haven't purchased it and hold it. 

Many have also cheered that they have purchased it, hold it for years and made millionaires. 

During the founding stages of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto (is the name used by the presumed pseudonymous person or persons) who developed Bitcoin is said to be in touch with various people including academician and experts.


One such person is called Martti Malmi. He recently made all his communications with Satoshi Nakamoto public which were made during 2009-2011. 

He also mentioned one of the comments that, " Back when sending 10000 BTC was casual"!

Look at the value of 10000 BTC as of now.

At the time of writing this article, BTC trades at 56,757.23 USD which is a up over 6.4 % from yesterday.

It is very interesting to read all this.

But it is quite interesting that BTC was not found as an investment instrument! But it is being transformed as a global investment instrument as of now which no one can deny!

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