Zilliqa's social campaigning, experience smart contract and Earn 25 $ZIL!

Zilliqa's social campaigning, experience smart contract and Earn 25 $ZIL!

By LinkBoy | Learn and Earn! | 9 May 2020


Alright, I am not sure how many of you guys have heard about this project called Zilliqa . They are one of the most underrated player in the blockchain space. Zilliqa is a singapore based company, and its being run by majority of NUS(National University of Singapore) folks.

Just to give a short intro about them,
They are enterprise ready, decentralised and their main focus is on sharding, which breaks the transactions into different blocks to handle large volume of transaction. Sharding is something which ethereum 2.0 is currently focusing on. And if you guys are aware, eth 2.0 is rolling out in phases. By the time they are completely rolled out, it will be easily couple of years.

ZIL is already miles ahead in the game when it comes to sharding. Smart contracts in ZIL blockchain is programmed in Scilla language, which the crowd claims that it is more powerful compared to solidity. If you want to know why, read the below pointers by one of the reddit member. I have also shared a video about the in-depth analysis by youtuber cm topdog, who does the comparison between Scilla and Solidity.


ZIL's SocialPAY Campaigning Program:

ZIL team rolled a public social campaigining program called "SocialPay" last night. All you have to do is, tweet something about zilliqa and if you have 5 likes, you will be rewarded with 25 $ZIL. This campaign lasts for 72 hours and maximum a user can tweet is upto 3 tweets. One tweet and you have to wait 24hrs for the next. You can visit social.zilliqa.com for participating in their campaign and earn that 25 $ZIL. Its a 5 min job.

Its a win-win situation for them. Marketing and Testing out Smart contract on their platform. So if you all are wondering where does the smart contract comes in place. Let me explain.

1. SocialPay's registration and payouts are programmed into smart contract. If a user gets 5 number of likes, they are qualified for the claim and it will be sent to their wallet address. No middlemen,nothing. Everything is automated and you are paid in ZIL. 
2. For this pilot testing, they are using a centralized oracle backend system where their smart contract makes an API call to twitter, to verify the tweet details.


This is really cool. Now you can imagine how the whole middlemen jobs can be omitted when all this payout to users are done by a smart contract.
Few Examples:

1. Spotify,YouTube users get paid out without any middleman intervention.Automating payments to artists based on song plays,video plays, bringing artist information on-chain as reputation, automating advertising deals, enabling any smart contractual agreement involving Spotify/Youtube data.
2. Food delivery companies like foodpanda,deliveroo can just use a smart contract to payout to their riders.

Below are few screen caps on what you have to do,

Step 1: Go to https://social.zilliqa.com and connect to your twitter account.


Step 2:  Enter your zilliqa address and connect to it.
Please take note use wallet address and not exchange address. I used TrustWallet for ZIL.

Step 3:  Tweet using #Zilliqa hashtag and once you have reached 5 likes, copy paste ur tweet URL for the claim.


Step 4: Claim and wait patiently for it to get processed. It will take some time.


Last but not least, they have also partnered with ChainLink! Rest is history.

Cya !

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