League of Legends LEC Predictions Playoffs Round 2



FNC vs S04 - Schalke had a really great performance against G2. Fnatic, on the other hand, had also a great performance against SK, but still, Fnatic has tendencies to throw big lead which is really crucial thing especially against Schalke. Both teams are teamfight-focused teams so I expecting five explosive games. To be honest, after Schalke performance I believed in them, and that why I think Schalke will win against Fnatic, but it will be a very close series overall.




MAD vs G2 - In the regular season, MAD as we know was one tier below RGE and even more tiers below G2, but after the last series, MAD shows us big strength. Botlane stepped up in the series that they played which really impressive especially against RGE botlane and now the biggest question is how good are MAD? Historically MAD beat G2 in the best of 5, but still I think that MAD are one step behind G2 so I expecting 3:1 for G2.


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League Predictions
League Predictions

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