League of Legends LEC Predictions 14-03-2021


VIT vs MSF - This game is really important for only Misfits, because Vitality are already eliminated for playoffs. Misffits are looking very good right now. It should be easy win for them.


XL vs S04 - This is really crucial game for both teams. If Excel lose they will be eliminate from playoffs.If Schalke win they lock in playoffs(or get the tiebreaker). Normally i would say that it should be easy win for Schalke, but after last two days i can say that Excel have way better chances to win this one, but personally i believe in Schalke :)


AST vs MAD - Astralis have 2 games win streak right now, but they played against very decent teams. MAD won against G2 yesterday, but to be honest G2 literally trolled that game. MAD have already locked in playoffs so there is a chance that MAD will not try-hard this game, but Mad should win this one anyway.


G2 vs SK - G2 please stop trolling. I mean today they should not troll, because they won't know if Rouge won or not.


RGE vs FNC - I still believe that Rogue is solid second place team. Fnatic are really struggling right now. If Fnactic lose that one they will probably have tiebreaker and that's really bad situation for them because all teams that they can have tiebreaker with are looking way better than them right now. Overall Rogue should win today.



Have a nice day :)


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Fizz on my Jayce

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League Predictions
League Predictions

League of Legends predictions

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