League of Legends LEC Predictions 13-03-2021


SK vs AST - Astralis is the worst team in my opinion. They gonna look for some wins like just to pick up some more wins or just to upset someone, but i think SK wins this one and they lock playoffs. I don't think it's going to be easy game for SK, but i think if i'm from SK coaching stuff i would be focusing full on this game because this the easiest one for them this week.



S04 vs VIT - This is could be really interesting match, but Vitality lost yesterday so they can't qualified for playoffs anymore. Schalke may show up today, because they won against Fnatic yesterday which is really big win for them and also they are individually better if you look at the players. I think confidence will play a big part here that's why Schalke should win today.



XL vs RGE - I want to believe in Excel but Rouge is not the type of team that will play risky team comp like G2 yesterday. Beating G2 is big confidence boost for Excel so this may be tough match for Rouge but overall Rouge is just better team.



FNC vs MSF- Misfits already bet Fnatic once. I do believe they can beat them again especially after their performance yesterday against MAD but i think today Fnatic will win. Fnatic need this win to claim third place so they will play careful today.



MAD vs G2 - This the most interesting match today. G2 will probably play safe today because if they lose, Rogue will claim first place(only if Rogue win against XL today). MAD lost against Misfits yesterday which is really bad for them, because that was the easiest match for them this week. I expect that MAD will play the best they can, but G2 gonna win that one anyway.



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League Predictions
League Predictions

League of Legends predictions

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