League of Legends LCS Predictions Upper Bracket Round 1


TL vs TSM - For most of spring Teams Liquid and TSM have been fighting for consideration as the second best team in north america even if the standings didn't always show it. I favored Team Liquid over TSM. Early objective control is a key reason why Team Liquid doing a better job of securing early dragons and rift heralds. The strength of their first 20 minutes is way better than TSM's. This match also really depends on what TSM gonna show up on the day, because there is like the really clean TSM that just plays out laning phase evenly with like good draft and then the opponents just can't really do anything and TL has shown that they are too willing to just sort of handshake and gravitate on into a mid game so i think if TSM plays like that this good version of TSM then maybe they can walk away with the series, but the thing is that TSM i think out of all the top teams have probably been the most inconsistent so i really don't know what to expect for them. Overall TL should win even if they are 0:3 against TSM in regular spring season.




100t VS C9 - 100 Thieves are trying to rediscover themselves after calling up ryoma from academy, but they still look like pretty much the same team as before. This should be a straightforward C9 win. I even expect 3:0 stomp.



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League Predictions
League Predictions

League of Legends predictions

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