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By G1Geo | le Code fait Loi | 30 Nov 2022

an ai generated joyful platypus

I'm proud to announce my second participation to an exhibition,


thanks to MADS,


both at Milano (Italy) and Islas Canarias (Spain)


and their metaverse :




This is the perfect opportunity to speak about my selection of my favorite artworks!


This blog content is NOT AI generated, despise my passion for neural network (including text-to-text creations) : I started has a spoken word performer so writing his my pleasure :)


Subscribe if you like AI generated art, neural network news and weird pictures : I got a lot of them for you!


Now, pretty pictures from my Platypus Collection










measurment 2048*2048
technique : VQGAN+CLIP
date : 2021
The platypus is my favorite metaphore of AI Generated Art. As an animal, it seems to be made of different parts, like some kind of Frankeinstein's Creature. Its existence bears questions like : can we combine elements that seems to be unmatchable? Can we do (ai)art without trying to artificially categorize the pieces? Can we see previous works like an infinite source of inspiration rather than something dead and close? I found the platypus was the perfect illustration of the weirdness of our century.


Please enjoy a visit on the MADS Website or on the MADSVERSE (3D interactive museum) to discover some of my pieces!

Here's how to use it :

Key 1 : sign of cheers, victory, arm raised
Button 2 : greets
Keys 3 4 5 : various ballets
Letter C key : claps hands and sends heart
Y button : thumb up x say ok
N key : thumbs down, x to say I do not
Spacebar : Jump

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