an AI generated scene of a clear cut

NFT Collection : CLEARCUT - Deep Learning Art

By GG-Off | le Code fait Loi | 2 Dec 2022

ai generated scene of a clear cut


I'm proud to announce my second participation to an exhibition,


thanks to MADS,


both at Milano (Italy) and Islas Canarias (Spain)


and their metaverse :




This blog content is NOT AI generated, despise my passion for neural network (including text-to-text creations) : I started has a spoken word performer so writing his my pleasure :)


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Now, pretty pictures from my CLEARCUT Collection


ai generated scene of a clear cut

ai generated scene of a clear cut

ai generated scene of a clear cut

ai generated scene of a clear cut

a clearcut 10

measurment 2048*2048
technique : VQGAN+CLIP


price 1200€

Harvesting trees in order to burn them as fuel is as crazy as harvesting adrenochrome on living humans. As an artivist I hope people will realise this truth through my work, putting light on the whole industrial process involved in AI generated Art. Some trees were cut to fuel a big tech supercalculator in order to learn and generate pictures of trees: the circle of life is damaged. After the serie of this piece of art was released, giant blazes destroyed parts of the forests I grew in. I can accept fire : at least it leaves somes ashes behind, while industrial clearcut doesn't.


Please enjoy a visit on the MADS Website or on the MADSVERSE (3D interactive museum) to discover some of my pieces!

Here's how to use it :

Key 1 : sign of cheers, victory, arm raised
Button 2 : greets
Keys 3 4 5 : various ballets
Letter C key : claps hands and sends heart
Y button : thumb up x say ok
N key : thumbs down, x to say I do not
Spacebar : Jump

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