AI generated picture of a t-shirt with AI generated graphism on it

Deepcrew's AI shop is now open thanks to Etsy!

By GG-Off | le Code fait Loi | 27 Aug 2022

Sharing my art through NFTs was not enough: I want people to wear it ; I want them to display it on there walls...

So there it is, after a few months of research and tweaking: deepcrew's shop is now open (since 2022-08-02), thanks to Etsy!


a screeshot of deepcrew's AI generated t-shirt shop


Visit it here:


I used the referral link of another Etsy's creator so I hadn't to spend a dime launching it (apart for the facultative domain)!

Will you open yours? Please let me know and use this link to register to gain 40 free credits (worth $8) (


Spoiler : Yesterday the shop made its first automatic sell! I'll write on that soon!


Tips please! I live on the road (by bike) with almost nothing : help me go on Venus (more on that later too)!


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