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4 ways I will enhance my bike trip with AI design

By GG-Off | le Code fait Loi | 3 Aug 2022


My bike trip have began and I love to document it for some close friends but how can I differentiate from other bloggers using my deep learning skills?


spoiler : it works well with writing, photo editing, illustrating dreams and things that didn't happen!


One - I use my travel to get new prompts to test

I have a red bike : let's use Pyglide, the Dall-E 2 ancestor, to generate some "logo of a red bike" :


Ok that's not quite fine but that's the whole point of doing tests OK?


Two - editing photographs

I have no time to edit photographs I take, nor money to hire someone : AI will do it, for the best or for the worst!

Fake AI portrait of me

Here : for the worst. Fake AI Portrait of me. 2022.


Three - illustrating dreams

My adventures are cool by day but I also have dreams about my previous life, with angry stupid family members or memories about being enclosed at school : I need to illustrate them but can't go back (as I don't want to). Let's let AI draws it for me!

random Ai pictures

That ones are total no-sense but that's the point with illustrating dreams OK?

prompt : "a nightmare with angry family members", 2022


Four - illustrating fake events

On my road there's events I don't want to go to, and I want to illustrate my choices to not go there : thank you computers!

OK I think the middle one will work fine :-)


Thank you for reading ; I had fun!



I spent almost all my money buying objects for my new digital nomad lifestyle (you could say ‘homeless’ ^.^’) + generating awesome artworks. I’m still holding monero though, and keep shorting ETH as usual (TINAFinancialAdvice).


Each and every cents are used to generate state-of-the-art deep neural network artworks and to promote this awesome artistic scene :mechanical_arm:

You WANT to be kept informed about our favorites subjects (neural network generated art for the most part) : my blog is for you!


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