Earning LBRY Rewards

How to earn LBC on LBRY

By eatdostacos | LBRY Report | 20 Jul 2020

Many people recently have joined LBRY to earn sweet, sweet LBRY Credits (LBC). Alternatively to YouTube, the platform rewards both viewers and creators.

The first step to earning LBRY Credits through rewards once you have created your account is to get verified. To do this, go to the rewards page and click the button to begin the process. This step is not necessary if you just want to use the platform and not receive the free rewards from LBRY Inc. There are multiple ways to verify, including text verification, credit card verification (small charge that is refunded once you're verified), and manual verification through Discord.

Once this is complete, you're ready to earn rewards. On the rewards page there is a list of available rewards for you. To earn the most rewards through automatic view tips and Follower Tiers, you will want to create content and promote it. To learn more about supporting and boosting your content, click here.

For Viewers

As a viewer, there are multiple ways to earn LBC. One way is to watch at least one video each day. Once per day you will get 0.5 to 50 LBC tipped to you. The amount is heavily skewed towards the smaller amounts, so you will most likely be getting 0.5-5 every day. Another way is to download the Desktop app and receive 4 LBC every time there is a major update (amount subject to change). Codes are periodically released in posts on LBRY, Tweets, or other places so you will want to look out for those to earn some LBC at random times. Here is an image of the rewards that I have received recently.

This is a look at the rewards I have received recently.

For Content Creators

You can earn all of the rewards listed above and more for creating content on LBRY. If you already have a popular YouTube channel, you are eligible to sync your channel to LBRY and earn rewards each month based on your subscriber count on YouTube. More information is available at If you just want to create content exclusively for LBRY, then you can still earn rewards. There rewards include 0.5-2 LBC tipped to you automatically when verified users view your content and LBC bonuses when you reach certain verified follower milestones.

Also, as a creator you sometimes may have access to special events hosted by LBRY Inc. for the launch of new features or other things. A couple months ago when paid content was first brought to, I was able to participate in an event where you could charge a certain amount of LBC for your video and when someone purchased it they would be refunded, leading to any more sales than you might usually get if you charged LBC to view a video. After that event, I also got tipped some LBC for participating.

The Don'ts

To keep your reward status you will not want to do the following things:

  • Post follow for follow requests
  • Using multiple verified accounts in the same household
  • Post copyrighted or spammy content (For Keeping View Tips)
  • Abuse of the platform

If your reward status is revoked, LBRY Inc. cannot take back the rewards you have already received due to the nature of blockchain, but will not give you any more.

Thanks for reading! If you really enjoyed and want to sign up for LBRY you can do so here and we will both receive some LBC at no extra charge to you.

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