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How does supporting work on LBRY?

By eatdostacos | LBRY Report | 15 Jul 2020

If you are familiar with LBRY, you have probably seen the Support button on content and channel pages. This button, while not explained very clearly in the app, is actually one of the most important things a content creator should use to help their channel grow.

The support system has been on LBRY for a while now, but until fairly recently it was only available when you enabled it in the experimental settings. Now, it is always on any pages where it is applicable.

First things first, the support system boosts content in the Top Ranking, Trending Ranking, and in search results. The more LBC you put on your content or channel, the higher it will end up on Top, Trending, or search. Tips also act like supports, but they are permanently sent to the creator. If you would really like to help your channel grow and get views, organic searches will get you some viewership, but the main way to grow is by supporting both your channel and videos.

My strategy for growing is to alternate. One day I will support my channel and the next day I will support a video. Usually, when I support the video, I will support my latest video with all of my LBC and then when I don't have new content, I will support some of my older content. Even though really small amounts (under 1000 LBC) will probably not make much of a difference in the main rankings, it may improve your chances of being seen on the top rankings for whatever tags your content is related to.

To get on the top trending rankings and on people's home page you will most likely need over 100,000 LBC (about $2300), but if you keep doing little supports you should end up with more LBC to support your content higher on trending.

I hope you enjoyed reading my quick guide on what supporting is on LBRY and how to help grow your channel!

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