Hodling Bitcoin is like purchasing Internet domains

Hodling Bitcoin is like purchasing Internet domains

By Shadow Crypto | Shadow | 28 May 2020

Hodling Bitcoin is like purchasing some internet domains


Simply put, buying and holding bitcoins is like buying domain names within the early 1990s or registering Twitter handles in 2006.

If you bought any of the three character domains within the 90s and held onto them you'd have the choice to sell them for 7 figures today. Likewise if you registered on Twitter as ATT or IBM or another relevant brand you'll sell that account today for an identical amount.

Where Bitcoin beats these, however, is insofar as these accounts are more or less valuable counting on existing organizations, while all satoshis are equal in value.

We are during a land rush, and dollar cost averaging is that the best thanks to stake your claim. this is often only one more reason to stack those sats.

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