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They're Paying Me To Watch TV

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 9 Nov 2021

What’s up guys?  Lazy Money UK here, back with another tip to make some easy passive income online.

Getting paid to watch TV, especially shows and movies of your choice, sounds too good to be true, but there actually is a way.

If you’d like to find out how I’m getting paid to watch Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, read on…

There’s a platform called YouGov Safe, which is paying for media consumption data.  This is part of the main survey site YouGov.

The places you can sell viewing history from are:

  • YouTube
  • Google Chrome browser (or equivalent)
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Apple TV+
  • Amazon Prime Video

Data can be sold from each platform once a week, with the exception of YouTube which is sold on a monthly basis.

The introductory bonus rate I got was 75p per platform, apart from YouTube which started at 25p.  The standard rate for all platforms will be 25p each in subsequent weeks.

The minimum withdrawal is £50 (5000 points), meaning it could take quite a while to get there with an earnings rate of £5 a month.  It would be possible to speed things up by also taking surveys on the main YouGov site, which credit to the same balance.

Admittedly, you will need to have a subscription to any streaming platform you want to sell data from, which costs money.  However, many people are already paying for these platforms so will at least be recovering some of their expenses.

Also, you may be able to source free trials of streaming platforms to make pure profit.  I managed to get Disney+ for free courtesy of my mobile network O2, and also a free trial of Apple TV+ from the Currys Perks rewards program.

Otherwise, it’s still possible to participate for free just by selling your viewing history from Chrome and YouTube.

YouGov Safe claims to be available “in 22 countries”.  Which countries are supported is unclear.  All I can tell you is I tested it out in the UK and got a £50 payment proof (shown in the video above).

If you do join, I also recommend using the microsurvey feature YouGov Direct.  They e-mail you with very short surveys which cash out from just £2.

For people interested in the idea of getting paid to watch videos, you might also like the website Hideout TV.

Thanks for checking out this Lazy Money UK article.  Join me on YouTube so I can send you more lazy money making tips.

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