Freecash Is Getting Better

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 2 May 2022

There's a sad tendency for money-making apps and sites to quickly become nerfed, watered-down or defunct soon after I discover them.  Not Freecash though.  If there was an award for 'Most Improved Rewards Site', Freecash would be getting it.  Recent upgrades to the platform offer more value to the user, and allowed Freecash to leave their competitor clone in the dust (I still claim their daily login bonus, though).

Bonus Rewards

The daily login bonus is now available from a fixed time every morning, rather than becoming available after 24 hours from your previous claim.  This means that the user will no longer miss their bonus due to it drifting too late in the night.  It's possible to increase your daily login reward by earning and leveling up on the site.  I'm currently at $0.03 a day, working up to $0.04.  I would ignore the option to gamble your free daily bonus in the 'Double Or Nothing' game though, as there's most likely a house edge leading to long-term loss.

Freecash is giving away the best promo codes seen on any rewards site.  Users can claim amounts in the region of $0.30 just by entering bonus codes that are released on their social media pages.

The daily streak bonus system is also good for getting an extra $0.02 just from the first day, even if you choose not to escalate your streak.

Best Earning Method

If you actually have the motivation to do the standard offers and surveys, fair enough.  I always look for the laziest way to earn on this kind of site, and luckily, there is a completely passive option.

Freecash is partnered with the site Loot TV, where users can earn points by watching videos with adverts.  Unlike other partners of Loot TV, Freecash don't take a commission when you transfer your points to them for cashing out.  There is a 1:1 conversion ratio of Loot TV to Freecash points.  Before I discovered this, I was using to redeem Loot TV points, and losing serious value in the process.

Better yet, sending 1000 points ($1) from Loot TV to Freecash will unlock that first daily streak bonus, letting you claim the extra $0.02.


While it doesn't quite knock Swagbucks off the top spot when it comes to giving away free daily bonuses, Freecash has elevated itself above the sea of generic rewards platforms.  I'm impressed with what they've been able to offer their users so far, and look forward to seeing what they come out with next.

If you'd like to give Freecash a try, you can get a randomised sign-up bonus (most likely $0.25) with my referral link:

Thanks for checking out this Lazy Money UK review.  Feel free to join me on my YouTube channel for the latest, and laziest money-making tips.


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