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By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 19 Mar 2022

What's up guys?  Lazy Money UK here with a way to get free cash, and free stuff.

Occasionally when checking the Answer section of Swagbucks, you’ll notice surveys with a more respectable rate of pay, marked by a star icon.  Some of these involve watching and rating a pilot episode of an upcoming TV show, while others offer you a free sample of a product for testing purposes.

Product testing surveys will assess your prior opinions of the brand, then ask for a delivery address to send your free sample too.  Following (usually) a week of testing, a follow-up survey will appear either in your e-mail inbox, or directly in the Answer section on Swagbucks.

By pretending to be in the market for men’s fragrances, I was able to sign up for a free sample of Azzaro’s The Most Wanted.  The amount they sent was quite generous- I estimated the decant to be worth £10 based on extortionate perfume prices.  Better still, I was paid $6.30 in total for the initial sign-up and feedback surveys.  This easily took me over the threshold to cash out yet another £10 to PayPal.

It’s not just free aftershave you can receive from Swagbucks.  I previously signed up to test toothpaste and shower gel.  The timing was convenient, considering I was in short supply of both, and so it saved me money on restocking these toiletries myself.  I’ve also seen opportunities to try cat food, and alcohol, although I personally have no use for these.

So be on the lookout for these “star surveys” on Swagbucks.  It’s a good way to earn extra money whilst getting to test and keep free stuff.

Thanks for checking out this article from Lazy Money UK.  Feel free to join me on my YouTube channel where you can find more easy ways to earn money online.

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