Bitcoin ATM World Map! Can Bitcoin ATM solve the problem of public access of Digital Money?

Maybe we didn't make it count, distracted from our routine and busy life, but in recent years there are more and more Bitcoin ATMs scattered all over the world. Is this the beginning of a slow but constant revolution?
Here a world map of all Bitcoin ATMs, including Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.
World Bitcoin ATMs


To date there are more than 7000, in more than 70 countries


Atms Info

Obviously the country with the most Bitcoin ATMs is the United States, followed by Canada.

New York, Tampa and San Francisco are the cities that have the most. What role will they play during this crisis?



In the images below, the rankings 1-20:


Finally, the top ten of the producers:


Producers atm


All this useful information comes from the site (link below) which I advise you to observe, it is also interesting to see the development of the sector in African states and Latin America (the latter especially for coins such as Dash or Monero).

To conclude, I leave you a Forbes article a few days ago on Bitcoin ATMs, it seems more correct to send you to the address than to copy / paste:



I hope I have been useful to you, see you soon and stay at home!






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