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Something funny happened this week. Apparently, some of the Redo of Healer episodes have been uploaded to an H-anime site. Considering that the anime likes to feature at least one sex scene each episode, I was not surprised and it made me chuckle. Yeah, even though no genitalia is ever shown, Redo of Healer basically hugs the line between "normal" anime and H-anime.

Anyways, in the previous episode, Keyaru faced off against the soldiers of Jioral Kingdom in an attempt to save the people of his village. It only proved to be a futile task as the soldiers preemptively poisoned his brethren. However, thanks to his recovery powers and Freia donning the "Good Flare" persona, they were able to expose the kingdom's heinous crimes to the Jioral citizens and sow the first seeds of doubt. After that, Keyaru, Freia, and Setsuna head off to the town of Buranikka while Kureha continued to spy on Jioral Kingdom.

The Episode

The episode starts off with showing an unknown character running away and hiding from someone. She finds a hiding place and removes her hood, revealing that she is some sort of demon. A red and black sphere of energy appears in front of her to which she absorbs it with one of her black wings. It is later revealed in the episode that the sphere is the soul of a killed black wing demon and the souls are absorbed by the wings of a demon lord candidate.

Meanwhile, the party of Keyaru, Freia, and Setsuna arrives at Buranikka. As they walk around town, they notice that humans, demi-humans, and demons live together in peace. They find a place to eat dinner where they share a table with a fellow human and demon. The unnamed human and demon reveal how Buranikka came to be. Apparently, Buranikka is a border town that was abandoned by the Jioral Kingdom during a previous war. However, humans and demons were able to find a way to collaborate and co-exist peacefully.

Suddenly, the table receives another guest which happens to be the same demon girl from the beginning. Keyaru instantly recognizes that she is the demon lord that he defeated in his previous life albeit her hair was white in contrast of her currently black hair. As the unnamed human and demon further reveal the lore of Buranikka and the demon realm, the demon lord is mentioned to which Keyaru responds that he has seen the demon lord and points at the girl. However, the human and demon do not take him seriously and laugh at him.

Regardless, they all eat dinner together and Keyaru describes the demon lord that he saw in his previous life. He learns that this demon lord belongs to the Black Wing Tribe and apparently, the current demon lord has placed bounties on the tribe. The demon girl is about to leave, not wanting the protagonist to get involved in her affairs, but soon, the party is ambushed.


The ambush is meant to kill the demon girl, but thanks to Keyaru's preemptive warning, she easily fends off the attack. However, it turns out to be a diversion as her leg is pieced by a poisoned dart. As 3 ox-like demons approach her, Keyaru asks if she wants his help of which she confirms. In response, the protagonist disposes of one of the 3 bounty hunters via Corrupt Heal and the party runs away with the demon girl.


Keyaru using Corrupt Heal on a demon.

The party finds a place to hide where the demon girls recovers to full health. The demon girl asks Keyaru why he thinks she is the demon lord to which he replies that he came from the future. She initially does not believe him and in response, the protagonist reveals that he is a hero and knows that her name is Eve Reese. This makes the demon girl put her guard up as she assumes that Keyaru is going to kill her, but he reveals that their goals are mutual.

Apparently, the current demon lord suffers from an inferiority complex because the one before him was of the Black Wing Tribe hence the bounties. Keyaru wants to make Eve the new demon lord so that humans and demons can co-exist. However, Eve shrugs off the offer and proceeds to leave. Keyaru stops her and points out the qualities she lacks to become the new demon lord. He promises to compensate for her weaknesses and help her get her revenge.

Convinced, Eve finally relents and somewhat accepts his help, though she is still suspicious of the protagonist's true intentions. Keyaru reveals his other goal which is to obtain the current demon lord's heart to get the Philosopher's Stone, the same one he used in the first episode to reset his life.

And... the episode ends with a sex scene as Keyaru, Freia, and Setsuna have intercourse right in front of Eve the next morning. This obviously flusters Eve. Keyaru teases her for her immaturity to which she retorts that she is an adult and can have intercourse whenever she feels like it. Skeptical, Keyaru stands in front of Eve to test her resolve as she is scared of what may happen next.


Yyyep... that is a shadow of Keyaru's schlong...

My Thoughts

I have often criticized the anime for frequently skipping over details of the universe's lore to the detriment to the watcher. To this day, the show still has not explained the exact extent of Keyaru's healing powers. However, I do need to give this episode some credit for delving in on Buranikka's history. While the episode presented much of the town's history through dialogue, the explanations were concise and clear enough for the viewer to understand. The anime also did a decent job portraying the camaraderie between humans, demi-humans, and demons.

Eve Reese's introduction was executed solidly, too. The episode did a good job explaining her background bit by bit rather than a confusing massive info dump. In the last quarter of the episode, I felt that the show portrayed the multiple traits of Eve's personality pretty well. She has a sense of independence and is a very strong demon. However, she is also stubborn and prideful.

Of course, the anime cannot go without its weekly sex scene. In fairness, this one actually happened in the light novel and manga unlike the sex scene from the previous episode. Whether this scene really served any purpose? Eh... at least it made me laugh a bit especially on the closing scene.

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