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Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 3


It has been over a week since Redo of Healer has aired the very controversial second episode. Unsurprisingly, due to the content it portrayed, the German simulcast of the anime has been cancelled. Rui Tsukiyo, author of the series, has struggled to find a willing publisher to release the light novels in English despite receiving several inquiries for an official translation.

I have no qualms against those publishers who refused to release an official English version. They have their own businesses to take care of and cancel culture is vile. On the other hand, I have issues with the self-proclaimed moral arbiters whining about Redo of Healer's existence. Whether it's anime, movies, or video games, "Don't like it? Don't buy it" has always been a good principle to run with. Not to mention, like with Goblin Slayer and The Rising of the Shield Hero, their moral grandstanding ended up triggering the Streisand Effect.

So what spicy content has the third episode served?

The Third Episode: Keyaru's Abuse

Nothing much happens before the episode breaks out into the OP. Basically, Keyaru and Freia (the brainwashed version of Flare) leave Jioral for Lanaritta. The episode introduces Norn, Freia's (Flare's) younger sister by name, while Keyaru narrates about her background and cunning perception.

What comes after the OP further explains the roots behind Keyaru's motivations for revenge. The first episode briefly explained how Flare, Blade, and Bullet abused him when he was forced to travel with them. This episode shows the full extent of what they did before Keyaru reset the world and it's pretty horrifying. Flare uses him as a sex toy and stomps on his dick; Blade beats him up because apparently, she likes Flare and is jealous of him; and Bullet rapes him as the former expresses his disturbing fetishes. The flashback turns out to be a nightmare before Keyaru reinforces his resolve to get his revenge against Blade and Bullet, playing into the concept that some sexual assault victims try to exert autonomy to cope with the lack of control during the assault.

The Third Episode: Lanaritta

The second half is slower and serves as more of a transition to the fourth episode. Keyaru and Freia arrive in the town of Lanaritta. The former discovers that the drinking water is poisoned, so he uses his poison resistance plus his healing and alchemy abilities to create an antidote. He finds a merchant to distribute the antidote for him to get money without grabbing much attention from the town and proceeds to use the funds to purchase a demihuman slave. One particular demihuman catches his eye as he sees a little bit of himself in her: a history of getting treated like trash and the ferocity for revenge.

My Impressions

Obviously, this episode is more tame compared to last week's. Initially, I thought the first half was a good start by further establishing why Keyaru is so hellbent at getting back at Blade and Bullet. Not only are these so-called heroes a bunch of jerks, but they are also extremely degenerate. The second half, however, progressed a bit too slowly for my tastes and had a few issues.

For instance, when Keyaru made the antidote, the anime did not mention that it was his acquired alchemy skills that allowed him to create the medicine. I've seen comments expressing confusion at the scene, criticizing his healing abilities to be too overpowered. This has been a recurring theme where the anime skips over a few important details to the detriment of the viewer. Had the episode properly indicated during which part of the medicine making process was healing or alchemy, there would have been less confusion.

The episode does enough to further establish Keyaru's traits. He can effectively use the alchemy skills he acquired when he healed an alchemist back in the second episode. He is good at negotiating when he sold his medicine to the merchant. He is capable of showing sympathy when he made the antidote and wants to help the demihuman get her revenge.

Overall, it's an okay-ish episode that started off strong, but falters after. It does enough to keep the story going in the second half, but nothing spectacular.

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