How Much PRE Can You Earn from Running a Presearch Node for a Week? How Can You Earn More?

How Much PRE Can You Earn from Running a Presearch Node for a Week? How Can You Earn More?


Last week, I showed how many PRE I earned after running my Presearch node for a few days. Spoiler alert, it wasn't a whole lot. In about 8 hours of uptime, I earned 1.15 PRE. Basically, if you were planning to run a node to get rich, then prepare to be disappointed.

For another little experiment, I decided to run my node for a whole week to calculate the daily average of PRE I earn. In fact, the results came out better than what I initially started off with.

As a disclaimer, I only ran my node whenever I actually use my desktop for other purposes such as doing work, watching videos, or reading Publish0x articles. I did not keep my computer on 24/7, meaning that if you plan to constantly run your node, then you will definitely earn greater returns than I did.

My PRE Earnings

After running my node for a week, I earned a grand total of a little over 9 PRE.


It ain't much, but it's honest work.

Calculating the daily average, I earned about 1.3 PRE per day. With PRE currently worth $0.0485 apiece, that means I earned an equivalent of $0.063 per day. Obviously, the value of one PRE token fluctuates, but even if it rose back to $0.10, it's not a whole lot.

The key is to have your node receive as many search requests as possible. From my experience, my node receives a search request every 2-3 hours. Whenever your node gets a request and sends data to the gateway, you get a big boost in earned PRE. It's hard to precisely quantify how much you get per request, but it ranges from 0.25 to 0.40 PRE.



On both May 19 and May 24, after I booted up my node, it took around 2.5 hours for it to receive a search request. You can see with today, I luckily got 2 requests within a 30 minute timeframe. 

How to Earn More PRE? ... And Other Advice

If you want to earn more PRE from running a node, you can run multiple nodes at once. One of the best ways is to run another node from Amazon AWS Ubuntu. In fact, Presearch even has a tutorial for how to do that.

Do note that you need another 1000 PRE to stake or otherwise, you will not be earning any tokens. In addition, going through the Presearch subreddit, apparently you get a higher yield from staking PRE on multiple nodes instead of staking more PRE on a single node. The good thing with running a node on AWS is that it is free.

There are also other ways to earn other crypto while you are running your Presearch node. I, for instance, use the Brave browser and I earn BAT from opting into the ads program. In addition, I use Minds for my social media and each day, I earn a little bit of the MINDS token. And of course, I earn some crypto from writing blog posts on Publish0x like these. Each individual platform won't yield much, but when you add it all together, you do get something.

Closing Thoughts

I kinda already mentioned this last time, but it's worth repeating how it feels pretty good actively contributing to a freer internet. I can bitch about how Google censors people, manipulates the search results, and sells personal information all day, but that doesn't achieve anything. In fact, I was guilty of this for a few years. While I am just a drop in a bucket when it comes to the whole Presearch ecosystem, I am at least doing something.

If you want to run your own Presearch node and you use Ubuntu/Linux Mint, I made a guide on how to launch one here. If you don't have a Presearch account and this interests you, then you can click on this referral link for a 25 PRE bonus. The price of PRE is also pretty low currently, so it won't cost that much to get the 1000 tokens to stake on your node.

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