Seize the Trompe! Debunking the establishment view of Compressed Air as a Free Energy Source.

Seize the Trompe! Debunking the establishment view of Compressed Air
as a Free Energy Source.

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The following is a quote from a Wiki-fake-news-apedia

article on Compressed Air Cars that does not mention the Trompe:

"The principal disadvantage (of CACs) is the indirect use of energy.
Energy is used to compress air, which – in turn – provides the energy
to run the motor. Any conversion of energy between forms results in loss."


"For conventional combustion motor cars, the energy is lost when oil is
converted to usable fuel – including drilling, refinement, labor,
storage, eventually transportation to the end-user. For compressed-air
cars, energy is lost when electrical energy is converted to compressed
air, and when fuel, whether coal, natural gas or nuclear, is burned
to drive the electrical generators."

So by their very definition, petrol cars are just as inefficient!

Of course you have to produce the "fuel" and that costs energy.

But the WAYS they list to create compressed air,

(electricity produced from burning coal) ARE inefficient.

But the Trompe, as we shall see, is ingenious.

NONE of the above stated disadvantages is required to produce compressed air.



The modern establishment, heavily lobbied scientific community does not

want you to know about the fact of or the history of the Trompe.
We already have an extensively built, cheaply available
water supply network. What if I told you that by re-introducing
an equally cheap and ancient technology that was still in use as
recently as the turn of the twentieth century, you could effectively
own a gas (compressed air is a gas) station at your house?

Would you want the freedom to "fill up" your vehicle right at
your home for virtually no cost? (the only costs being the water
bill you already pay, and the simple device called a Trompe)


A Trompe requires only high school level engineering, and can
be built with plastic pipe and other supplies from a local
hardware store. Vehicles that can run on compressed air are
already in existence and the ones from a century ago are
simple in design and construction, and had the added benefit
of including their own food and beverage cooler, as the exhaust
from compressed air vehicles is cold, clean air.


In lay person's terms, a Trompe takes an inflow of water from a
high elevation (several feet), routes it through a series of narrowing
pipes or passages, fed by gravity downward into a sealed tank with a single
outflow to return the water to the system. No water is wasted in
this process. The narrowing pipes, along with the gravity traps
air bubbles in the water and they become Compressed as they
travel downwards.

The water level inside the tank remains constant, and a constant
supply of compressed air is maintained at the top of the tank.

By tapping the top of the tank with narrow tubing affixed with a spigot,
compressed air may be accessed on demand. 



Suffice it to say, that the concept and construction of
a Trompe is ancient, tried and true, cheap, environmentally
safe, and easy to implement with our current infrastructure.

In developed countries, access to municipal water is ubiquitous.
In undeveloped countries, a large Trompe, buried underground and
situated by a natural water flow such as a river or creek that
flows year round, could supply power for a whole village or town.

The only drawback to this technology is it's initial purchase,
installation and or construction.




Above ground Trompes, work by bringing the water up high
through pressurization of a hose before it enters the Trompe.

An above ground construction that resembles a water tower with
a tank at the bottom instead of the top, may be placed in the
corner of a back or front yard. That's it. Trompe finished.

Even if you don't want to construct or purchase a car designed
to run off compressed air, there are a multitude of devices
and uses that can be immediately enjoyed upon installation of a
Trompe. Like free refrigeration for instance. If you run a
small pipe from the compressed air into a sealed and insulated
room or compartment, you have a walk-in freezer or ice box.


For sources of energy to be sustainable, they have to be
efficient in both the production of and the output to the
system. Free your mind from preconceived notions and realize
that the best solutions are often the most simple ones.

What is hard is the courage to think outside the box and
believe that the answer is real, and the conviction to
act and implement the solution in reality.

Seize The Trompe!



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