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There is a beautiful country In Indian ocean call Sri Lanka, In British days people called as a Ceylon. Before British captured the country Portuguese and Dutch captured the country, there is a reason behind that why does those countries need Sri Lanka, Let’s see what are those. Sri Lanka is naturally situated in Silk Road , Silk Road was an ancient network of trade route connected to East and West.


Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Cinnamon, Pepper, Coconut was the main Industries in British day. Geography and weather of Sri Lanka is best for cultivate above products, also Sabaragamuwa Province Known for Gems. In British days Governors hired Sri Lankan people as a workers and put them to work in their sites and they export Gems and other products to England.





Theravada Buddhism is the major Religion, Hindus, Christians, Muslims also lives in the country. Anuradhapura was the first kingdom of the country, after Anuradhapura kingdom fall new kingdom was begin In Polonnaruwa. We still can see those beautiful ancient ruins, Lot of tourists are really interested to see those ruins because specially all designs made by rocks and using hands.


There is the rock in Habarana area call ‘Lions Rock’ that was an amazing fortress of King Kuwera, after King Kuwera death Great Emperor Ravana took over his fortress, that was over 5000 years ago. In Anuradhapura kingdom period there was a king name by Kashyapa 473 – 495BC he was found Lions Rock and re constructed the fortress and create his own kingdom around the ‘Lions Rock. He was created a Beautiful city after he took over Lions Rock name was change to ‘Sigiriya’.


People have to enter through lion’s mouth that's why it’s call Sigiriya, In front of Sigiriya there are so many beautiful water ponds, Gardens around the rock. Also there was the system to get water to top of the rock but still modern engineers couldn't figure it out how could they bring water top of the rock.

Independence and current situation

In February 4th of 1948 Ceylon was granted Independence as the Dominion of Ceylon, British Commonwealth was retained For next 24 years until May 22nd of 1972. After that country was called Republic of Sri Lanka.

After Independence, Prime minister, Presidents are elected with different party’s and start a run country. In beginning of July 23 1983 there was a rebellions are started fight against government by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam, known as a L.T.T.E (Tamil Terrorist organization)

More than a three decades war was destroyed innocent peoples in Sri Lanka, Bombs are blasted near schools, Bus stands, Air port, Central bank, Terrorist attacked ancient temples and killed innocent little monks, Also they killed Tamil kids who don’t wants to join for there army.

Reason of this civil war is create a Tamil State call ‘Tamil Elam’ in north and east of the country. In May 2019 Sri Lankan Military Forcers defeated Tamil tigers.

War was damaged a lot to people’s life specially in north and east side of the country, all schools, hospitals destroyed. Peoples life went down to zero. After 10 years later of the war still their are life style is not improved as much. Houses, toilets and schools are not enough developed. Lot of peoples are farmers and they are very strong and work hard every single day to re pay their loans and feed their kids . But unfortunately politicians are way corrupted and giving fake promises to people get their votes and never see them till next election. People also not enough educated to get different decision and they elected the same people, It’s like a routine.


When young people are comes to south part of Sri Lanka they can see lot of parks, modern movie theaters, children parks, night clubs etc. But unfortunately northern or eastern part in the country haven’t improve like that all. They are so many beautiful places and tropical places are in northern part of the country but no any plans to developed their life styles. Corrupted politicians are the reasons behind that. If some reason young peoples thinks to get weapons and find their freedom like before, this time it’s going to be a huge problem. I don't think anyone in the country wants to see blood again.


It is a government responsible to develop north and east side of the country, all infrastructure and let those peoples to live their life on proper homes instead of let those people to live in small unfinished houses.

I hope to start a non profit foundation and help those people and kids to built some houses and few schools.

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Lasitha Menaka

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