What is LBRY Credits Cryptocurrency

What is LBRY Credits Cryptocurrency

By Landry | Landry | 20 Jun 2020

LBRY Credits (LBC)



The LBRY network, the media marketplace

The LBRY network, or Library Credits, is a decentralized blockchain that allows media content to be shared between users. We can see LBRY as a media marketplace, entirely managed by its members. Library Credits motto? "You have your data. You control the network. In fact, you are the network. ”


How LBRY works

To trade on the platform, the user must download a wallet, virtual wallet, which will serve as a browser. This wallet will allow you to share and view any type of media content: video, music ... Sometimes, the content offered may be chargeable. In this case, the transaction will be carried out in LBRY Credits.


Decentralized YouTube

The LBRY platform can be compared to a totally decentralized YouTube. All of LBRY's content is fully available to members, since it is stored on the blockchain and not on a central server. LBRY’s goal Libraby Credits wishes to free media content from control by central agencies. Their ambition is to fight censorship and allow the dissemination of all content despite geographic limits or restrictions of various kinds.


LBRY tokens



The total limit for emission tokens has been set at 1 billion units. LBRY tokens are used on the network to pay for certain content. The transaction is carried out via an additional payment system, so as not to block the main blockchain with repeated operations.


The platform in detail: LBRY.TV


LBRY.TV is a video sharing platform that uses blockchain technology to allow users to publish content and get paid to do so. People who use the LBRY service can monetize their publications with its integrated payment system.


Earn LBCs with LBRY.TV


LBRY.TV allows you to earn LBC by watching videos, several rewards can be won each day.

Transfer these LBCs to BITTREX


You can transfer your earned LBCs to BITTREX at any time and exchange them for BTC.




If you want to register on the LBRY.TV platform and start earning LBC, here is my refereal link: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@landrynou:1



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