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By Zendor | The Upland Journal | 15 Oct 2020


Landmarks in Upland

The gossip around town the past week was Landmarks in Upland - Landmark Voting, Auctions and most unforgettably, unscrupulous marketing that overwhelmed our discord channel. Landmarks are the only properties in Upland that are required to resemble its real world equivalent and in every major city, there will be around 25 landmarks. These landmarks will also be tagged on the Upland map, being visually distinct over other properties in Upland. This will be beneficial to landmark owner as this tagging will attract more visitors to businesses that can be run on them. Over the weekend starting 9th October, Uplanders were tasked to vote for Landmarks in San Francisco and out of 50 shortlisted locations, the top 15 most voted locations will be the official landmarks of San Francisco. The results of the voting can be found on Upland's Medium post.

Landmark Auctions

There were also 2 prominent landmark auctions that took place this week. The landmarks auctioned off were Pier 39 and the Ferry Building. Uplanders interested in these landmarks were required to put an initial deposit of 50,000 UPX to participate in the auction. The action-pack auction left the audience speechless, bidders with empty pockets and a large grin on Idan's face (Co-Founder of Upland). Let me introduce the auctioned landmarks.

Pier 39

caa7721410094d9f8ecd7551245ecac1a088547bf0dbef1605ec8332e336ae0f.jpegAn Aerial View of Pier 39

Pier 39 is a waterfront complex operated by nearly a 100 shops, a waterfront park and a 300-berth marina. Every year, millions of tourists and locals visit the pier for its attractions and spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge and Alcatraz. Most importantly, it is home to our cutest and chubbiest Californian sea lions.

With a starting price of 3,743,250UPX (US$3,743), our community favourite Nichiren and newly engaged Inusage fiercely bid up the price to a whooping 6,207,512UPX (US$6,278). Inusage, with a now outraged fiancée, is the proud owner of Pier 39. Here are some statistics on Pier 39.

  • Property Size: 3,255 UP2 (Size denomination used in Upland; each UP2 is equivalent to almost 100 sq ft)
  • Base Monthly Earnings: 89,388.15UPX (US$89.39)
  • Top Collection: City Pro - 1.4x
  • Maximum Monthly Earnings: 125,143.41UPX (US$125.14)

Pier 39 may not be part of the best collection used to boost monthly earnings, but the sheer size and pride of owning this landmark is something to die for. It is a legend by itself, being the very first landmark in San Francisco and very first property auctioned by Upland. Great buy Inusage!


Ferry Building

The Proud Port of San Francisco

Situated at the base of Market Street, the Ferry Building is at the heart of SF's financial district. The iconic clocktower has stood tall by the waterfront for over a 100 years and at its rear stands erected the Bay Bridge, connecting the city to Oakland.

With the starting bid at 5,321,050UPX (US$5,321), our dear Mr Jones had muscled over the wealthiest Uplander, DizzyDSki, minting the building at 8,321,050UPX (US$8,321). Kindly requested by Mr Jones, please refrain from informing Mrs Jones about this purchase.

  • Property Size: 1,322 UP2
  • Base Monthly Earnings: 119,823.13UPX (US$119.82)
  • Top Collection: Financial District - 2.35x
  • Maximum Monthly Earnings: 281,584.36UPX (US$281.58)

The Ferry Building is definitely the dominant property of this auction as it can be included into the Financial District collection. Now, all Jones has to do is sing "Me and My Mrs Jones" by Billy Paul as he collects his daily earnings.


What's Next for Landmarks?

The method chosen by the Upland Team to choose the official landmarks of San Francisco, as framed by the community, was rather rough. It has resulted in hard-selling of properties through spam (honourable shoutout to dear Kent with 3 Landmarks now) and Uplanders buying votes through raffles. However, the Upland Team has clarified that San Francisco will be the only city with this voting system. For every other city hereon, the landmarks will be predetermined by the team and sold, presumably, through auctions; their newly found cash cow.

Ahoy, for those big fishes out there, there are more landmarks to be minted; in San Francisco, New York and Fresno (Next release in Upland). Dirk (Co-found of Upland) mentioned the next auction is approaching in a few days. These are the upcoming landmarks announce by the Team:

San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts

Coit Tower

Oracle Park

Chase Area


Old Fresno Water Tower

Kearny Mansion Museum

St John's Cathedral

For future business owners of Upland, owning or leasing (part of roadmap) will be vital in operating a business due to its added distinctness - being marked on the map. An example of a property marked would be SF's City Hall. So, be ready to jump on any upcoming auctions for landmarks and monuments (another prominent but unreleased unique property).


Bush Street Temple

I would like to thank all the Uplanders and readers, AKA future visitors of my Landmark, for voting for my holy temple during the weekend. The temple was ranked #10 in terms of votes and I am stoked to be part of the upcoming Landmark Tour. I really appreciate the effort by you guys to hop by my property during the weekend and as promised, I will be giving away one of my Nob Hill property. The Nob Hill area is currently sold out with the cheapest property be sold on the secondary market for 34,000UPX (142% markup). It is a valuable area and if you keep it for a couple of months, I'm sure the area will be selling upwards of 50,000UPX. For the winner of the raffle, please contact me (Zendor) on discord in 48 hours, 5pm PT. Here goes nothing ~

If you've made it to the end of my first blog post on publish0x, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do hope you had a good read and it would be so kind of you to send me a tip of visit me at 100 Laguna Street (My only property at 100UPX). Thank you and till next time~


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