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By Kbahr Yoon | Kbahr Yoon | 11 Apr 2021

Vertex Market:p2p trading

So this is my second recommendation as far as crypto and defi goes.

i still recommend CakeDefi, read up on my other thread. get to baking those profits.(itll make sense after you visit cakedefi :D)

back to vertex

Now the concept of p2p trading is how i got started years back. before you could buy with debit card or simple exchanges that are around now, but was nonexistent years back.

P2p is Peer2Peer trading. its the most basic form of trading i think.

for crypto it is truly a very efficient way to gain. it does have it ups/down.

Also im here to speak my own mind on vertex, do check out others who cover p2p trading,im sure their is definaitely very well written ones on here.


so far so good,


multi-fiat/currency, another good….


One of the first sentences i read on’s about us page.

“As a solution provider, we feel responsible to have a unique and stable product, good customer support and transparency with our customers. Our customers are traders, individuals, corporations that trade with “strangers” on the internet and their money is involved. ….”

Clearly they know how serious things such as ones personal finance is. Further on….

Still nothing off at all, i actually enjoy the User Interface(UI) i bit its organized and they chose very good color scheme. It didnt give me a headache nor did it make me drowsy.


Its a very good sign when company members dont mind being publicly visible or just plain out. vertex is as such . each heading person is listed and pictured as well.


Now People are gonna get to the bottom eventually and see the date 2021 as the only date stated, 
hmm……..a bit too new to be actually a tested and tried company , right?
if you think so your not wrong. but look at their youtube channel


The date stated says Jun, 18 2018, Yes 2018. Thats another plus for Vertex so far. if you can say your company ,especially in the cryptoverse with all its rules/regulations and SEC’s contant strain,
has been around more then 1–2 years and its not known to be a scam, I say thats all sign to a good operation.

I will report later on in a week after interacting with the market. 04/12/21–04/19/2021

Looks to be solid, give it a try yourself, if you dont want to wait for me :D. thank for taking the time to read this.

i do hope all is well and healthy and this somehow helps someone.


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Kbahr Yoon
Kbahr Yoon

Decentralized, Cryptocurrency, Mining, Blockchain, Defi, Farming, Mexico, Germany, Russia, South Korean.

Kbahr Yoon
Kbahr Yoon

Decentralized, Cryptocurrency, Mining, Blockchain, Defi, Farming, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, South Korean.

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