Social fearlessness for musicians in 2021

By KushT_UK | Kusht_uk | 14 May 2021

First and foremost, stop making excuses not to be on every available platform, specifically if that platform has recently set a track record of making hits from the songs it breaks? (Do I actually have to spell that out re: Tik Tok)


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Social media is a beast of a place to operate when it’s done correctly and waves after wave of social media fame have come and gone dictated by social media, but the ones with good music almost always persist despite the gimmicky hooks used on new platforms. That means if you’re a genuine artists making a consistent sound, using social media will help you find you target audience WITHOUT ads. (Advertising article) If you could these techniques with some paid advertising on top you can really elevate you position in the music industry.

People have a little bit juvenoia, they always have, after growing we often start to value the opinions of the youth based on our mistakes; but often we carry our music with us, artists seems to forget that people who are 15 can become die hard fans a lot easier than people who are 29. Also not every 15 year old likes get “turnt” or hates conscious music, the key here is consistency. There is an audience for almost any niche on the internet and if you gravitate towards those people they will almost certainly find you.

Overall don’t be afraid to try new things, joining Tik Tok IS great, but even more important is looking for the NEXT Tik Tok before it pops up and being the first person on there to hit that “1 Million” followers number everyone is chasing.



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