ETH over Spotify

Music in 2021

By KushT_UK | Kusht_uk | 14 May 2021

Music has become a different game in the age of digital music streaming, tied closely to the world of advertising, music has become a vehicle to harvest attention. 

Spotify the global giant in the music streaming industry is under a lot of pressure now to make streaming revenue fairer, that doesn’t seem likely when Spotify themselves have failed to make profits for their shareholders. 

Ultimately the model is flawed, with the additional traction of ETH and the potential for artists to at least go independent with the way they collect revenue from fans, often in exchange for handsome rewards for super fans, they (NFTs) seem like the logical path moving forward. 

With the price of ETH skyrocketing it will become increasingly hard for small time independent musicians to buy into the growing marketplace so now may be the time to take a gamble on an emerging market place. 


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