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Distribution Deals, With Distrokid. (2 minute read)

By KushT_UK | Kusht_uk | 16 May 2021

DistroKid: (https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/1062679) If you have thought about distributing music on streaming platforms, you have probably come across the name Distrokid. Boasting good reviews on their home page from their competitors no less, not a thing often attained by many businesses’.



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The owner is a gentleman who’s arguably the worsts first professional troll? Philip J Kaplan, a man who knows his way around the internet and it seems like his skills have certainly come to fruition in this project. Distrokid is currently cheap, but that does mean scammers tend to upload using it, which creates a level of confusion around Distrokid’s integrity; but this is easily explained if you examine the facts.



As an artist and also as the manager of my record label Positive Vibes Only www.twitter.com/@PVO_UK , it's easy to see why Distrokid receives such rave reviews within the industry. They have made uploading music to the plethora of available streaming apps as easy as one upload; which when you consider the sheer number of services out there now saves a tonne of work. Also, whilst many other companies have rolled out their model, they often offer free accounts for uploading in exchange for royalties at varied rates.



They offer the ability to cover any song for $1 a month billed annually which is incredible value and removes all the leg work for smaller artists. As well as some arguably great value optional extras. Including unique HQ uploads on TIDAL,  tidal.com/browse/artist/10678918 for audiophiles.


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Accounts start at $19.99 a year for a solo artist with no scheduled releases and increase to $36 if you want up to two artists or the ability to upload within a schedule on top, with even better value deals for bulk accounts which works perfectly for labels. That being said I have been expecting a price increase for DistroKid (https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/1062679 ) for a while, it almost seems to good to be true to get unlimited uploads on all streaming platforms for that price, but I’m sure they would inform people well in advance, just something to look out for.


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