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A week in Kusama: November 16 - 22, 2020

By Web3 Foundation | Kusama | 23 Nov 2020

Kusama news

Kusama News, a virtual art and technology expo, was shown in Vancouver, Nov 11th to Nov 15th, and featured a discussion panel on NFT progress on Kusama. See a recording of the video here:

The first NFTs on Kusama have launched with the help or!

Motion 238 ( to increase the number of validators in Kusama Network by 1 per era, for 200 eras, has passed. The motion was presented to the Council after Performance Report III review ( If approved by the council, the proposal will pass to referenda queue to be voted by the community.

Fun fact: the Kusama treasury has so far funded 35 out of 55 proposals with a total of 57,000 KSM. The average proposal was funded with 1,689 KSM (around $55,000!) The treasury still has 239,000 KSM remaining so get those suggestions in!

Kusama's second bounty proposal is up! The proposal aims to integrate KSM to Rotki: - the open source tax and crypto portfolio tracker. More info on the bounty:


Tips and Tricks

Remember that when nominating, you're not supposed to send money to the validator! Instead, look for nominate, deposit, or "select validator" options in your wallet of choice. See more about how to nominate in the Polkadot Knowledge Base.

Developing a Substrate chain? There is now a runtime-migration label on Github that indicates when a pallet may have changed enough to warrant a migration, so you don't trap your chain by blindly upgrading runtimes:

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